Up & Over Garage Doors

Up and Over garage doors are essentially available with two types of mechanism, canopy gear, also known as trackless canopy and retractable gear also known as tracked or slideaway.  If you are looking to automate your garage door either straightaway or in the future, retractable mechanism is the better option.

All up and over garage doors are generally available in a pre-hung steel frame, which are designed to be fitted directly to brickwork, either between piers or behind reveals.

Locking systems are generally two or three point, dependent on the manufacturer, with 4 point upgrades as an option.  All modern locking is much more secure than it used to be.

Roller Garage Doors

Manufactured from tough twin-walled aluminium slats with high performance webbing that is unaffected by extremes of temperature.  A strong extruded top slat and our patented comb locking mechanism effectively resist attack by would-be intruders.

SeceuroGlide is available in a choice of fifteen paint or wood-effect finishes, allowing you to match your door to existing paintwork or double-glazing for a coordinated look to your home.

Each automatic door is supplied complete with a single channel SeceuroSmart receiver with built-in courtesy light, two key fob transmitters, a bottom slat safety sensor and internal manual override.  An optional alarm is available.  The SeceuroGlide is also available as a manual door.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

In recent years there has been a revival in demand for traditional side hung garage doors.  Ideal if you have obstructions inside your garage or limited headroom or if your garage is used for storage.  Opening outwards side hinged doors are easy and convenient to use and can be automated using special conversion arms.  There are numerous size, style, material and colour options available.

Side hinged doors can be supplied pre-hung in their own steel frame or to fit to existing or new timber frames.